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Amplify 2019

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Amplify - July Early Bird

The price for July Early Bird tickets expired July 31, 2018.

Ended: 7/31, 11:45pm PDT
Amplify - August Pricing

August pricing is available now through August 31, 2018. The price increases to $799 on September 1st.

Ended: 8/31, 11:59pm PDT
Amplify - September Pricing

Ticket price starting September 1st! Tickets increase by $200 on the first of every month!

Ended: 9/30, 11:59pm PDT
Amplify - October Pricing

Ticket price starting October 1st! This is our final ticket price for Amplify 2018 General Admission

Ended: 10/4, 3:52pm PDT
Waitlist | Amplify - October Pricing

Amplify has sold out! If you'd like to join our waitlist, we'd be happy to keep you updated as seats open up! (Don't worry, there's always a few last-minute cancellations) This is our final ticket price for Amplify 2018 General Admission

Ended: 10/9, 2:00pm PDT
Amplify - VIP

Exclusive access to Amplify speakers! You'll get to talk product strategy with the best minds in product development.

Ended: 10/9, 4:00am PDT

Special Add-ons

Amplify's Backstage - The Customer Event | 10.8.18

We're hosting a special event for our customers! We want to say thank-you for being so great! Block your calendars for this unique half-day event which will help answer many of your product questions and give you time face-to-face with Amplitude's product team.

Ended: 9/14, 12:00pm PDT